Students are taught the method of memorising the Qurān with proper tajwīd. Special emphasis is placed on reinforcing the rules of tajwīd during memorisation. Periodic testing of the memorised portion of the Qurān is done after each section (juz) of the Qurān, which the student is required to pass in order to progress.

This course caters for each individual student according to his capabilities and potential. The syllabus has been prepared in a manner that will enable each student to memorize the entire Qurān and retain it by completing a one-year revision of the entire Qurān after complete memorisation.

Applicants who are enrolled in Ḥifẓ will gain a systematic approach to complete their memorisation and also get an opportunity to learn the basics of Islam, sunnah duas and Jurisprudence (fiqh). Graduates will be able to:

  • Pursue advanced Islamic studies
  • Teach Qurān memorisation
  • Lead the congregational prayer
  • Lead the tarawīḥ prayers in Ramaḍān
  • Graduation Requirements:
  • Complete memorization of the Qurān
  • Knowledge and implementation of tajwīd


Prior to acceptance into Ḥifẓ, students must have studied nāzira or reading of the musḥaf. The nāzira course starts by teaching each student the correct pronunciation of the Arabic alphabet. If there is a need, the Ḥifẓ teachers will take student from any level of reading

Also, only those students are accepted who are grade 4 and above and do not have cognitive impairments.